Bean & Boy – Vegan Lavender Soap Review

Bean & Boy – Vegan Lavender Soap Review

I never used to be a fan of soaps, I would normally always use shower gels however since turning vegan I was shocked by the lack of vegan friendly shower gels available. I’d seen many vegan soaps reviewed and advertised on social media and by this time I had changed all of my products to ensure they were vegan friendly apart from what I used to wash myself with. I came across Bean & Boy on Twitter and thought I would check them out, their Twitter bio states that their soaps are handmade, 100% natural, vegan and cruelty-free. There’s nothing more I love when a company has the right ethics and morals, it also stated that their soaps are safe for sensitive skin which is amazing as my skin can sometimes be sensitive so I prefer to buy all natural products that won’t irritate my skin.

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They have 11 soaps on their website all using natural, organic and vegan ingredients. Each soap is individual and has its own purposes, I chose the Lavender Natural Soap as I absolutely love the smell of Lavender and have used it regularly in oil form, I’m also aware of its healing and calming properties. The below description of the soap can be found on their website.

Our Lavender Soap is made using our signature recipe combined with a hint of floral Lavender. Well known for its calming and restorative properties, lavender essential oil is a must-have for a mood-lifting and relaxing bath-time.

Lavender is also said to have antidepressant, antimicrobial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. We’ve opted for a subtler scent which makes it safer for use on delicate skin.

All ingredients are listed on the website with complete transparency on the use of palm oil in its products. I normally use products that don’t contain palm oil, however if a company uses sustainably sourced palm oil and is completely transparent about it I’m happy to use the product. You can find information on Bean & Boy’s social responsibility here this includes palm oil and responsible packaging. On the subject of responsible packaging I was seriously impressed with the thought, care and level of detail that had gone into the packaging, I was aware that their packaging was recyclable but wanted to double check this on their website. Again the below description came from the responsible packaging section under the social responsibility page.

Each soap is packaged in a protective waxed paper which is made using some recycled fibres, and which can be recycled at specialist centres. It is then wrapped in recyclable kraft wrap, tied with biodegradable string and identified with recyclable tags. Even our stickers are recyclable.

We use Earth-Friendly postage envelopes for shipping out orders (and kraft-wrapped boxes for larger orders), and opt for natural, completely recycled marketing materials.

Another thing they included in the packaging was a flyer which detailed a handful of their soaps and the ingredients, including the Lavender soap. They also included a personal note on the flyer which I love, I’m a sucker for personalised notes from companies, it takes one minute to write and just adds a personal touch.

On to the soap itself, all of the soaps listed on the website are priced at £4.95 apart from their baby soap priced at £2.50. I think the prices are reasonable considering I’ve been using mine regularly since the start of June and it feels like I haven’t even made a dent in it. I’ve had an issue with soaps in the past that leave my skin feeling dry, however the Lavender soap includes a handful of different oils such as avocado and coconut and also includes moisturising shea butter, which leaves my skin feeling moisturised.

I use body moisturiser anyway after I have a shower or bath just to keep my skin hydrated but after using this soap I don’t actually have to. One worry for me when I started using this soap was how my skin would react, however I had no reason to worry it hasn’t once irritated my skin and leaves my skin clean and hydrated. It also has a nice subtle smell which is great as I’m not a fan of an overpowering smell. I keep my bar in a soap dish when not in use, following advise on the website:

Handmade soap contains no additives or preservatives, so be sure to keep it on a draining soap dish away from water between uses to ensure that it lasts as long as possible.

There’s a handful of different soaps on the websites each with different qualities and purposes, my next choice will definitely be the charcoal soap. I absolutely love this soap and love the company, I love when a company produces great natural, organic vegan products and demonstrates great social responsibility. Something that can be quite rare especially in larger companies.

Check out Bean & Boy and their social channels using the links below.





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